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My Story

Where does the spark to create come from?  For me, it comes from a passion to use my right brain in a very left brain head. I have had a career in technology for many years, and although I was born glued to a computer – I still had a very creative & artistic side.  Jewelry designing started many years ago, as a way to use my hands and break free from technology. I started with simple bead stringing, and advanced to wire wrapping that I originally sold on Etsy starting in 2007.  After changing gears for a few years to start my own website designing business, I have found time to design with my hands again, and come back to something that should be natural for us all – the beauty in something created without mass production, without technology, with just imagination, care and a lot of love.

My studio is where all creation & admin work is done by lil' ol' me.  I am jewelry designer, customer service rep, graphic artist, photographer, website designer, and postal lady all in one. I love that this is my day job and I have enjoyed being a full-time entrepreneur since Summer 2009 when I left the corporate world.  I'm an ethical vegetarian (11 years and counting), love cows dearly (would love one of my own), have a very sarcastic sense of humor and am terribly soft at heart too!

All of the jewelry in my collection is handmade, 100% from recycled metals, and I recycle 100% of my scrap metal – waste is not an option!  I only buy metal from companies in the US, who have a commitment to our environment.  My diamonds are all 'conflict free" and sourced from the reputable Hoover & Strong or Rio Grande - who both believe strongly in the ethical mining of diamonds.  I love creating rings, mostly designs for loved ones to share with each other, therefore I support all marriages and unions, without prejudice.

Well known facts about me below - or tap into my Twitter account @Masselyn!  I'll chat about what I'm baking, my favorite motorsports drivers & cars (Dempsey Racing No 77, Magnus Racing No 44 & Falken Tire No 17), new jewelry designs and more. 

What am I listening to - heavily influenced by goth/dark bands and alternative music.  Some of my favorites are Morrissey, The Smiths (of course), Cocteau Twins, Gary Numan, Florence + the Machine, XTC, NIN, Machines of Loving Grace, and Rob Zombie to name a few.

What am I reading - I flip between science fiction, classics and mystery/thriller - with the occasional non-fiction like Manhunt (J. Swanson)

What am I watching - Suits, The Newsroom, Sherlock (BBC), Doctor Who (reboot), X-Files, and sportscar endurance racing with the #WEC or #IMSA.

What am I eating - Devil Dogs (east coast bundle of Heaven in a snack cake), Marie Callendar's Fresh Peach Pie (when in season), Starbucks (anything super strong), soymilk (usually Silk) and lots of veggies (noooooo animals were ever harmed on my breakfast/lunch/dinner plate).

The designs & content in this website are protected under © Tiffany Danielle Jewelry . All of my rings are packaged in eco-friendly 100% recycled boxes, 100% biodegradable and made in America – ready for gift giving!

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